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Our calendar is opening up…Summer Sessions Available

Like almost everyone else out there, I probably spend too much time on my Facebook. Admit it, you do too…c’mon you know you do. I realize it is my guilty pleasure…along with The Walking Dead and cupcakes.

This evening I was cruising around one of my photography FB forums and one of the main topics of conversation was about work life balance. I was so happy to participate in a real, honest conversation with a group of fabulous photographers and how they are working it out (or not). Everyone had a different response to how they balance the things we love in our life; our families, kids and our work with the stuff that we don’t love but still need to be do; accounting and paying bills, housework, errands and all that other fun stuff.

Finding the balance is tricky;  I find most of my “downtime” in the evenings is often spent on the computer; checking my emails, looking for new products, chatting with colleagues etc and my days are spent in yoga pants planning play dates, going to the park and baking cupcakes…did I mention I love cupcakes?

I thoroughly enjoy spending my time at home with my little nuggets….they constantly amaze and delight me, we are having a blast.

The reason the topic of work life balance was so timely is because after very well deserved break I am currently booking sessions for June.

In a quest to achieve some balance and be able to provide the absolute best customer service I am opening my calendar for a very limited number of clients in Pictou County starting in June of 2013.

Sessions will happen at an amazing new space I’ll be using for our studio photography sessions and I am so thrilled to share this new space with you…it is so beyond fabulous…yippee! I’ll be posting specific dates for availability in the coming weeks…thanks so much for welcoming us to Pictou County, we are thrilled to be able to live and work in a place we love.

Want more information? Want to book a session? Email or call 902-695-6564

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