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This year I will be celebrating my 10th year being self employed and creating my dream career and I still love taking pictures…. in it’s simplest form I love that one simple click  freezes that moment forever and we can go to that spot, to that place in time and reconnect at any time.

Some of my earliest memories are of being in the basement at my nanny’s and looking at a red box at the bottom of the stairs that was full of black and white images. It was an immediate connection to something and someone at a particular time that can never be duplicated. It sounds cliche but it’s a moment in time that is connected to a story, a time, a person and I love that something so simple can carry a wave of emotions beyond what we had imagined could with a simple “click”.

I know this because my older brother died when I was a child and I am so grateful to have the images we do because each image has a story and I love looking at the images and hearing the stories that go with them.

I have always been a bit of a fly on the wall and as a child people called me nosy but honestly it’s just because people fascinate me. I love hearing their story and taking an image that represents that story is amazing to me.

I feel like it’s a give and take in that it makes me incredibly happy to create an image for someone that makes them incredibly happy.

When I feel I have taken a beautiful image I feel like it fuels me and feeds the creative soul in me.

My type A loves that each there are rules and my creative side thrives on knowing that each little change can produce a completely different result and that breaking those rules can create something magnificent or something completely shitty and that’s kinda cool.

They are constant, what was a good photograph 100 years ago is still a great image today.

I am equally inspired by the images other people take and it pushes me outside just a wee bit more with every frame.

I am still learning, I have always said that if they came that I felt I knew everything, I’d quit.

Photography forces me to step outside my comfort zone; I am outspoken but those who know me well, know how  shy I really am.

The problem solver is me wants to arrange everything “just so”.

I can say something without using any words.

Images make you feel.

They can make a person happy.

They can make a person sad.

They are a legacy for those who love us and will remember us.

The are the connection of what the mind may forget but what the heart will always remember and that’s why I do what I do.


I am Tara and I am a photographer.




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