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Meet Jenny – Winmar, New Glasgow

I’ve been a small business owner for a little over a decade and in that time I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with so many other small business owners both in Halifax and Pictou County.

When I moved to New Glasgow a little over two years ago I started searching for a group of like minded women and was so happy to find a Pictou County Women in Business group. They welcomed me with open arms and  I’ve  have the pleasure of meeting so many terrific ladies I wanted to share them with you in a small business spotlight.

I’m so happy to introduce the first Women in Business spotlight;  Jenny Velchev, she and her husband Svilen Velchev own Winmar in New Glasgow, NS

You can connect with Jenny and Svilen:



Phone: 902-695-3511



Welcome Jenny!

1)      What inspires you? 

The idea of continuous personal and professional growth inspires me.  In order to grow, learning new things has to be a daily activity.   Other women who are positive role models in the community inspire me also.  There are so many in Pictou County and when I interact with them, I get more ideas about how I can improve my life and business.

2)      Tell us about what your business offers?

We have a team of 10 employees who do all sorts of renovations, from exterior work like roofing and siding, windows and doors, to interior work like drywall, painting and carpentry work.  We respond to water and fire damage emergencies on a 24 hour basis and help people restore their homes after such losses.

3)      What is the best thing about being your own boss?

I find the most rewarding thing about being my own boss is that I get to directly influence what kind of values and atmosphere we want to have in our company.  As the boss, I can help create a positive workplace atmosphere that is motivating to our employees and that makes customers feel valued and appreciated, and a place that I feel great about working in every day.

4)      Tell me about some challenges you have faced?

In 6 years we have faced many challenges, big and small.  Building the loyal and skilled team we have today was one major challenge that we are proud to have accomplished.  The unpredictability of the volume of work that is inherent in our industry was another challenge that took some time to adjust to and plan for.  Looking back, I always feel proud that we were able to find a way through the difficult times and come out stronger.

5)      Thoughts on creating a work and life balance?

I recently read an article that has really helped me re-arrange my ideas about work/life balance, and it works.  The article said that for business owners, separating work and life is very hard, maybe impossible.  It pointed out that work/life integration might be a better way to look at things and to accept that they really can’t be separated.  It’s important to find a way to make your personal and professional lives flow together.  This idea has really changed the way I am approaching my days, and it has taken away the burden of trying to separate the two.

6)      What words of wisdom do you have for other women in business?

Taking care of yourself physically and mentally should be a priority so you have the energy and time to give to others, including your family, employees and customers.  If you are in shape and rested you will be much more productive in everything you put your mind to, and all your relationships will benefit from your well-being.  Being positive and happy is contagious.



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