What to wear to your boudoir session….

The short answer is whatever you want that makes you feel good.
The longer answer is whatever you want that makes you feel good so here are some suggestions that others have loved.

1) plaid/flannel/cosy button up shirt with tank top and undies

2) Something sparkly, something floral/shear….this is a gold top we have at the studio and it’s one of my favorites! Combined with a shear floral top is perfection!

Love a lace bodysuit, flatters everyone and looks amazing!

It’s really up to you…bring some fun things you love; books and glasses, donuts, headphones and gamer undies, little black dress, leather chaps and chain bras, cardigans and high waisted undies.
I tend to think in textures…something soft and cozy, somthing shear, something sparkly, lace always works well.

Send me an email at pureimages@eastlink.ca and we can chat more about clothing options.

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    Hello 40….how u doing?

    The parks are finally opening up here in Nova Scotia and we went for an amazing 5km bike ride last week. The sky was blue, the sun was shining and of course I stepped in goose poop lol. The beauty of Trenton park always brings me such happiness and joy. As I was making my way around the park I was remembering some of my favorite sessions there, only to then realize how many sessions I have had there and not blogged yet. Yeah, yeah I know…so many things to do and so little time.

    Well, now I have a wee bit more time on my hands and I am actually scratching everything off my to do list. Like all type A personalities, I multiple lists so I am working my way through them one item at a time. Blogging always seems to be the last on my list so I am doing my best to update as many sessions as I can over the next little while so you can see all the gorgeous babes.

    40 is a turning point for so many and having a photography session is a great way to celebrate your birthday. Some consider it a mid life crisis and others consider it an awakening…your choice. Whatever you call turning 40, consider it spectacular and do something awesome for yourself!

    These are a few of my absolute favorites from a session I did a while back at Trenton Park to celebrate this beautiful gals’ 40th birthday, what are you going to do to celebrate your 40th?

    If you are interested in any information, please send me an email at pureimages@eastlink.ca

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      Wanna know who sees your boudoir photos?

      It’s a big question and it’s something I am asked all the time, “who is going to see my images?”
      The short answer is that’s totally up to you.
      The longer answer is that it’s totally up to you and here is why.

      I ask everyone one of my clients to sign a model release when I am able to share their images. These are the options for sharing.

      1) All photographs to be used at photographers discretion….that includes but is not limited to online, other fb groups for educational purposes, trade shows, my website, fb group, business cards, any and all promotional material.
      2) All photographs to be used in website/portfolio….that’s my website, fb group, business cards
      3) Portfolio/Display….this means in print but NOT on the internet

      Lastly, a 4th option for those who don’t want to share….If people want to keep them 100% private and for personal usage only, you absolutely can. Some of my best images never see the light of day and that’s totally ok too…this means only you will have access to your images. There are some blank lines on my model release and you put your requests in there and I respect your wishes.

      With all these choices you can also select individual options for certain images….so some will say images 1, 2 and 7 can be on your fb site or only anonymous images or no booty images…you can totally pick and choose, your images, your choice. 100%

      Some of the best images I’ve taken never see the light of day, they are only enjoyed by those who prefer to keep them private and that’s totally ok, again, your images, your choice.

      Pure Images is a custom boudoir photography studio located in Pictou County, Nova Scotia
      If you have any questions, please email Tara at pureimages@eastlink.ca

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        Welcome 2020

        Oh my goodness, last year was one for the books! I’m always grateful and humbled that so many of you chose to come into my studio and enjoy a self love experience.
        It’s challenging, I totally get it…..every month it’s bills, mortgage, car payments, hockey fees, dance fees, fees we forgot about and sometimes, actually I am thinking almost always, we put ourselves last. We are last on the list for a hot supper plate, we are the last one to get a hot shower, the last one to get new winter boots…..time to put yourself first.

        Make 2020 the year you step just that little wee bit more outside of your comfort zone and enjoy a day just for you.
        We have a brand new studio and I’m so excited to share it with you all.
        It’s now located in my home in Trenton, NS and it’s gorgeous….I’ve been moving in since October and while it’s still a work in progress, it’s coming together beautifully.

        We have several sets for you to choose from to make this the dreamiest dream session you’ve imagined.

        A pale cream chaise lounge with tiny pink flowers
        Antique couch
        Black Velvet Bench
        Bet sets with gold and white sheet sets
        Shower set
        Floral wall

        So many amazing options for you, send me a message at pureimages@eastlink.ca and we’ll chat!

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          Spring Sale is happening….

          I know you’ve been looking and I know you are thinking about a session for yourself….I know you want a session to rediscover yourself, maybe feel good about yourself, maybe look sexy for your partner, want to spoil yourself and feel amazing and empower yourself.

          I know you are terrified, I know you are scared and are thinking “oh my goodness” so you want to go to someone you trust and who makes you feel relaxed and make sure you look your absolute best but not like a fake photo-shopped version of yourself.

          You want someone like you and someone who has been doing this a long time. I’ve been a photographer for 15 years, 5 years specializing in boudoir and it rocks my world. Every single time.

          I will hold you by the hand, Paty and I will sure you are comfortable because what we are doing is intimate and it’s important and we all want to feel comfortable.

          After hair and make up, we’ll start your session. All clients start off shy and nervous, I’m nervous too.
          You’ll be a bit awkward,everyone is to start, the first few shots will be nerve wracking, you’ll put your hand in the wrong spot and I’ll gently and kindly show you where to put it, how to move and where to look and then I’ll show you the back of you camera and your eyes will light up and you’ll say something like “holy shit…is that me? I actually look really hot”

          Then you’ll relax into it and have lots of fun. Trust me, you’ll be in your groove, you’ll be in your undies telling me awesome stories of church camp, second year university antics and the last great vacation story you had.

          Not only are you going to have some incredible photos from your session you will love and cherish for the rest of your life.
          You”ll come out a changed woman, you’ll feel sexy, powerful and will walk a little bit straighter.

          I have 39 spots available from now until the end of 2019.
          I am offering the session, hair and make up PLUS BONUS mobile app (value $150.00) 
          Total value is $300 plus tax for $99 plus tax.
          WHAT? Only $99 plus tax

          Products/images/albums sold separately. 
          3 days only Tuesday April 22-Friday 26th.
          Buy now and use before Dec.31 2019 to secure current pricing…the best gift for yourself.

          To request your free client welcome guide, ask some questions and to book your spot, send me a message at pureimages@eastlink.ca

          I look forward to chatting with you.

          Boudoir and glamour images, before and after shot, New Glasgow
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            Hello 2019………..

            Welcome to 2019! I love the beginning of the New Year; new planner, new  sharpies, sticky notes and all that color coded fun stuff.

            I love new stationary, that makes me a bit of dork and I’m ok with that.

            I’m changing things up a bit this year with a few new kinds of sessions created just for you….

            You will have 3 options and there are quite a few differences so please take a peek through.

            The most popular is a full experience session. Those will only be available on Tuesday and Thursdays as well as one Saturday a month.
            They include:
            full hair and makeup, 1 hour
            2 hour session,
            3 sets and 3-5 outfits.
            Light refreshments, use of studio wardrobe.
            Personal viewing appointment where you’ll see approximately 75 of your best images and then you’ll choose your favorites for an album of beautiful images.
            Images will be shown only at your discretion.

            I’m introducing themed mini sessions once a month on Saturdays.
            You’ll have one chosen set
            1 outfit,
            30-45 minute session.
            Your images will be chosen by me and available via a downloadable gallery (digital files only with the options of purchasing products)
            Hair and makeup is optional
            Images are shown at your discretion

            Lastly, as always this time of year I’m updating my website, social media, business cards etc so I’ll be doing model calls throughout the year.

            A model call is where I choose the set and the outfits you bring (sometimes I’ll have options ) so I can practice new sets, ideas, full hair and makeup is provided (discounted rate), images are discounted because it’s a creative shoot and in return your images will be posted anywhere I choose….fb group, website, cards, trade shows etc. so it’s a win/win…you’ll be able to enjoy a discount and I’ll have new images to post when the creativity strikes.

            Awesome! Thanks….looking forward to seeing you all in 2019

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              So Black Friday was absolutely epic…. I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart.
              I appreciate each and every email and message, I’m thrilled you love my work and are interested in all the details and for those who are ready to book their session, it’s really appreciated….I had the opportunity to meet so many of you at the Summer Street Shopping Event in New Glasgow as well as at the Steeletown Craft Show in Trenton, thanks so much for stopping by my booth, it means the world to me….shopping local is near and dear to my heart so thanks very much.

              I’ve put my heart and soul into this business for 15 years and for that I am grateful to you all. It means I am able to make a living being of service to you and that’s an amazing feeling.

              Thank you for being so amazing.

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                Black Friday Sale…..it’s here!!!!

                I love Black Friday, you love Black Friday….we all love Black Friday 🙂 It’s a great time to get the things you want at a price you’ll love…..what’s not to love?

                This year I am offering a fantastic deal for you. Are you ready for it? Sale Starts at noon on Friday Nov. 16th

                I have 35 spots available for this deal, will you be one of them?

                We’ll start with hair and make up by the lovely Patricia; she’ll do an amazing makeover with just the right amount of make up and you’ll look glam and classy. I’ll stay with you the whole time and we’ll get to know each other and go over your clothing choices and choose a few favorites.

                We’ll start the session and I’ll guide you through all the poses, I will tell you what to do then I tend to show you as well as I’m a visual person, I like to see what to do. I know you’ll be nervous and I’ll take my time and show you the back of my camera as we go along. I have a bed set, a couch and we’ll work our way around the room and create lots of fabulous images for you. The session usually goes 90 minutes so expect you’ll be at the studio for about 3 hours.

                From there, we’ll meet again in about a week to review all the best images from your session. I’ll narrow them down and then we’ll sit together and narrow them down even further to choose the absolute best ones you love the most. You decide then which are your favorites and will choose how you want to display them. Most choose and album and an extra fun product from the list, there are lots of options. 

                I know you’ll love to share you images so this year I am offering a FREE mobile app of all your PURCHASED images for free as the Black Friday booking bonus (that’s a $150.00 value)

                Hair, make up and studio session is regular prices $150.00 plus tax
                Bonus mobile app is $150.00

                Regular price is $300.00 plus tax (saving you $231.85)

                All this for only $99.00 plus tax.

                Let me repeat that…..$99.00 plus tax ($113.85)

                Really? YUP…..only 35 are available and I sold out last year in about 5 hours. The sale goes FRIDAY, SATURDAY AND SUNDAY or until they are gone, whichever comes first.

                All products are sold separately and packages start at $395.00 plus tax

                When you book a session you are agreeing to the following conditions. THE FINE PRINT

                Sessions are on Tuesday and Thursday at 10am and one Saturday of the month. To be able to offer the very best customer service I take on a very limited number of clients and I book out months in advance. I realize it can be tricky to know what you’ll be doing in 6 months from now; I understand surgeries come up, you need to go out of town for work etc so I am allowing for ONE reschedule. If you need a second reschedule, you will need to pay a $50 rescheduling fee. 

                All products are sold separately and are a final sale.

                All sessions are to be booked and used in 2019…if for some unexpected emergency only you need to reschedule, your pricing will be at the time of booking.

                Is this the year for you? Not sure if it’s for you? Head on over to our raves page and see what people are saying
                Have a few more questions…send me an email at pureimages@eastlink.ca

                Know you are ready to book?

                To book, send an email money transfer to pureimages@eastlink.ca for $113.85 and let me know your preferred month/date.

                To see a full pricing guide go to the investment page here

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