Meet Dream Candy, A youth developement program in Pictou County

Have you heard of Dream Candy? If you have, I’m sure you absolutely adore what Deelle Hines and Camilla MacDonald are doing for all youth in Pictou County. If you haven’t….take a peek, they are doing wonderful things for all the youth in Pictou County.

Dream Candy focus on whole self-wellness practices like meditation, gratitude, creative & authentic expression, mindful eating & exercise and acts of kindness to self and others. Through fun, developmentally appropriate and open-ended activities youth explore self –love and self- care practices in a safe, inclusive space where they feel seen, heard and appreciated for who they truly are. (DreamCandy.Org)

An amazing project will be in the works this summer that is guaranteed to bring more positivity to youth in 2 Pictou County schools.

This is a collaborative project by Dream Candy, Jennifer Smees Photography and RF Pax? Design….it’s a project to spread positivity in all our schools….they are starting with 2 but fingers crossed, they’ll be able to do all of the schools…there is a go fund me page started, I love it!!!

So excited to see all the fun things they are doing for youth in Pictou County. I recently had the pleasure of photographing their space for their grand opening, it’s located above the Stellarton Library on Foord Street, Stellarton…so proud of these amazing ladies, we love all that you do.


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    Meet Beth and Erik…

    A few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Beth and Erik  and it was fabulous to get to know them, we chatted on the phone and soon realized we had lots in common. Like my husband and I, they wanted a bit of a lifestyle change when they started their family. Previously city dwellers, they too wanted to raise their family in a smaller town (instead of a big city) where the grass is greener because its in your own yard, the trees are in your yard and not in a park and the friendliness of small town life just can’t be beat….not to mention our fabulous beaches! Pictou County became their home, they found the perfect location and the timing was right so they’ve recently opened up a brand new family owned hearing clinic whose mission is to be the clear choice for hearing care for Pictou County. Their new office is  located at 534A East River Road, New Glasgow….take a peek and get to know Beth, Erik and their family  a bit better.

    storyboard005 storyboard002storyboard003storyboard004

    534A East River Road
    New Glasgow, NS B2H 3R6

    Tell us what your business offers?  

    Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations Counseling & Hearing Aid Selection Customized Hearing Aids Fittings Hearing Aid Servicing & Repairs Cerumen (Wax) Removal Hearing Protection & Custom Earmolds Special Battery Pricing Assistive Listening Devices

    Tell us something we may not know about your clinic?

      We are an independently owned, family run clinic.

    What is the best thing about being self employed?

     Total Autonomy

    Who typically needs your services?  

    Hearing Evaluations are for anyone (18 and over) who feels that they are having trouble hearing. Wax Removal we provide to all ages. Hearing Protection for hunters, recreational noise, marine noise, engine noise, loud music, industrial noise. Custom Earmolds are for all ages, we do swim plugs, sleep plugs, musician plugs, custom earbud molds for headphones. You can find out more about Beth and Erik by visiting their website, or give them a call at (902) 695-4327 Does your business need new images? Looking for a refresh? Not sure what you need but know you have lost that loving feelin towards your website? Email us and we’ll chat

    ient parking off of S Frederick St.)
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      Meet Carolyn…

      I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and photographing the very talented Carolyn Bedford recently. Carolyn is an artist; painting, sculptures, drawing and photography. Read on to hear more about Carolyn and what her business is all about. Go take a tour of her studio, talk with Carolyn about a custom commission, and ask her what being an artist means to her and what exciting plans are brewing for creatives in Pictou County, NS.

      What inspires you?


      People. I’m basically a figurative artist and people intrigue me and collaborations with others inspire new work ideas.


      Tell us what your business offers?


      What I do brings visual light  and inspiration into people’s lives and grace their homes with their ideal personalities. As well, my product from my business ignites personal thought processes and questions exclusive of normal daily occurrences.


      What is the best thing about being your own boss?


      I choose whom I wish to interact with. I choose if I wish to work alone and I choose if I wish to bring others in for collaboration.


      What words of wisdom do you have for other women in business?


      Find what makes you happy and bring it into your work as part of your business plan. Do it! Live what makes you happy.

      Thank you so much Carolyn, it was absolutely my pleasure!

      You can find out more about Carolyn and her work at:

      Find her on Facebook:

      Send her an email:





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        Yoga Retreat…..with Kelli

        Smith Rock Chalets are incredible, Kelli is amazing (she teaches kickboxing, zumba, learn to run and now yoga (total #bossbabe))….add in a bunch of awesome women enjoying some yoga, wine, great food and friendship and you get a weekend retreat not to be missed! A few weekends ago I was asked to come and photograph Kelli’s first yoga retreat, what a blast, Namaste Kelli and all the beautiful women at the retreat, it was a beautiful evening!

        There is another one in the fall and I think there may be a space or two left….the first one sold out in about two hours so make sure you book before it’s too late 🙂


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          Catherine and Matt…New Years’ Eve Wedding

          Matt and Catherine thank you for allowing me to capture your special day. It was beautiful and intimate and it was my pleasure….xoxoxo

          The day started with “the boys” with some fun images of the Matt and Trevor hanging out at Trevor’s house with Matt’s parent’s, from there off to the hotel where “the girls” Catherine and Beth were getting ready and we were joined by Catherine’s parents.

          I’ve known the fabulous bride, Catherine since she was a little girl who lived up the street from me, she was a sweet and kind child then who grew up to a very sweet, kind and beautiful woman… have elegance well beyond your years and it was my pleasure to capture your special day!

          It was a blustery but incredibly clear and sunny day and I wanted to send a special shout out to Shawna who let us use her amazing home for the formal images, its extra special because that used to be Catherine’s grandparents house…..awww, I know right?



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            Colleen and Pete….

            Now that the cool fall air has arrived I finally have had 5 minutes to sit and reflect and get caught up……I’ve been on a bit of blogging hiatus, we’ve been busy living life and my blog has been a wee bit neglected.

            Our fabulous summer kicked off with the very amazing wedding day of Colleen and Pete!

            Friends gathered from near and far (one lovely lady came all the way from Germany!)

            The sun was shining, the breeze was soft and it was magical

            Love you guys, it was my pleasure!








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              Annual Roots for Youth Fundraiser

              On Saturday May 7 we had a mini make over and photo shoot in support of Roots for Youth at my photography studio in New Glasgow.

              All of the participants enjoyed some girl time, some light refreshments and some pampering featuring fabulous Arbonne (Pure, Safe and Beneficial)  hair and make up and a mini photo session with yours truly.

              It was an amazing day, we had lots of beautiful women stopping in to get pampered in support of a great cause here in Pictou County.

              Our dream team of fabulous-ness consisted of Lindsay Corbin, Janet Lundrigran, Sheri Burns and Robbie Weatherbee.

              We raised over $500.00 for Roots for Youth in Pictou County and it was truly wonderful to meet so many lovely ladies.

              Thank you all for taking part in such a great fundraiser, we hope to see you next time!

              Here are a few images from the day, it was my pleasure to meet you all!





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              • Shan MacLeanAugust 8, 2016 - 8:32 pm

                I did not know about the fundraiser for Roots For Youth, but I want to say thank you for supporting such a great cause. There are so many people in our community that get aide from organizations like this and allow so many to turn a blind eye. It is great to see peoplease raising funds and getting involved to raise awareness!

              • Wendy ChisholmAugust 8, 2016 - 10:21 pm

                Your work is amazing! I would love to have you do photos for me some day.

              It’s back….Roots for Youth Fundraiser

              So excited to share our second event in support of Pictou County Roots for Youth, come on over to WholeSELF Wellness Center (3rd floor, above the Healthy Selections Store at 106 Stellarton Rd in New Glasgow. Come on over between 12-4 and take a studio tour, enjoy a make over featuring Arbonne (Pure, Safe, Beneficial) Skin Care & Make up, get one complimentary 5×7 image with any donation to Roots for Youth.

              Come on out, enjoy a fun afternoon, and support a fabulous organization in Pictou County.

              Appointments are preferred but not necessary….email me and book your spot. (They were fully booked in 2 days so book quickly)

              Roots for Youth


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              • LizAugust 8, 2016 - 9:34 pm

                Would love to win the contests! Always wanted to do this!