The Experience

I know you want a session to remember yourself by, maybe feel good about yourself, maybe look sexy for your partner, want to spoil yourself and feel amazing and empower yourself.

I know you are terrified, I know you are scared and shy so you want to go to someone you trust and who makes you feel relaxed and make sure you look your absolute best but not like a fake photo-shopped version of yourself. You want someone like you and who has been doing this a long time.

I will hold you by the hand, Paty and I will sure you are comfortable because what we are doing is intimate and it’s important and we all want to feel comfortable.

After hair and make up, we’ll start the shoot. All clients start off shy and nervous, I’m nervous too.

You’ll be a bit awkward at first, the first few shots will be nerve wracking, you’ll put your hand in the wrong spot and I’ll gently and kindly show you where to put it, how to move and where to look and then I’ll show you the back of you camera and your eyes will light up and you’ll say something like “holy shit…is that me? I actually look really hot”

Then you’ll relax into it and have lots of fun. You’ll be in your groove, you’ll tell me stores of 11th grade drinking days and the last great vacation story you had.

Not only are you going to have some incredible photos from your session you will love and cherish for the rest of your life.

You”ll come out a changed woman, you’ll feel sexy, powerful and will walk a little bit straighter.

Cherish the woman you are and celebrate your beauty. You are worth it!

Wear some super comfy clothes, relax and enjoy the day all about you.  Your day will begin with a professional hair and make up application by our lovely hair and make up artist Paty Harb. Years of experience, she is an absolute wizard with a set of brushes.

Boudoir Images New Glasgow

Once hair and make is finished and you are thrilled with your look,we will go over all your clothing choices and select the best for your session.

Clients will bring 5-8 outfits and we will usually choose the best 3 outfits. We have a selection of accessories at the studio for you to borrow, you will bring your own intimate pieces.

Start looking through your wardrobe choices, start shopping, check out Leslie’s downtown, La Senza, Frenchy’s etc…loads of great options.

From there choose your favorite 3-5 options…..

Hmmm….like what?

Well, what makes you feel amazing? Let’s look at some options

Something sparkly: A little black dress, a sparkly top, a fancy dress that you bought and have no idea where to wear it.


Something soft: soft sweater (cardigan/soft softs) and undies, floral top and jeans/jean shorts, flannel shirt and undies, jean jacket and undies, leather jacket and undies.


Something sexy: lace body suits flatter everyone, black bra and undies, bralettes. (Maurice’s in the Highland Sqaure has an amazing selection) body jewelry/chains, navy blue or green bra and undies look amazing on the gold sheet set.


Something that is significant to you or partner….batman shoes, habs undies, leather chaps


White sheet and undies


Implied nudes….undies only.

I have a few accessories at the studio….Our little tickle trunk has among it’s selection a full length tulle skirt, a fur wrap and some very funky accessories.

Your session will be an exciting day; it’s fun, it’s incredibly liberating, to love yourself is truly is the best gift you can give yourself. I’ll pose and direct you and make sure you are photographed at your very best.

We have a few “sets” to choose from; a vintage couch, black velvet bench, chairs and greenery,  the floral backdrop, white sheet set/gold sheet set and a black satin sheet set to give you lots of variety.

Everyone leaves with a new found confidence and are falling in love with themselves again.

We have some amazing option to showcase your images; take a peek at our products page to see all our fabulous options.

“It was amazing…I felt more beautiful than I did on my wedding day”.  Ms. K, New Glasgow

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