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The cocoon and the butterfly

Many years ago one of my best friends Denise gave me a book for my birthday and it was called “Every Woman has a Story” by Daryl Ott Underhill and it’s a compilation of stories, words of wisdom etc and at the time I was young and thought of course every woman has a story, that’s what’s makes us, us. Well…..quite frankly,  even thought I thought I knew everything (don’t we always?)  I knew nothing…well sort of nothing, more cocoon than butterfly. I had not yet stood before friends, family and God and promised to love another person and share a life with them, I not yet listened to the heartbeat of a child I would carry and love like I never imagined before they were even born, I had not had to write the obituary of a parent, I had not held the hand of a friend who suffered the unimaginable grief of a miscarriage and the loss of what could be as well as the loss of what is. Someday I feel  I really still know nothing and more days than other it’s a work in progress and I am more butterfly than cocoon.

It’s true we all have our stories and over the past year I have seen growth and change in myself as well as my business as I switch the focus (pardon the pun) from children and baby photography to Women’s portraiture I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to share in your stories and am incredibly honored to be a part of your story and your journey.

A few weekends ago I participated in a Fundraiser for Roots for Youth in Pictou County and and it was amazing, so many women came out to be photographed and I met some truly amazing women all with their unique stories of love,friendship, grief, survival and everything in between. At the end of an awesomely exhausting day I was kinda sweaty and kind of a mess when one of my Arbonne peeps suggested I get in front of the camera….what? me? nope….my hair is crazy (excuse number 1), I haven’t any make up (excuse number 2) I am sweaty (excuse number 3), this isn’t about me (excuse number 4) and I had some pictures taken in January (excuse number 5) and Sheri said….”that was January, sit your bum down”….Well, I did….here it is. Kinda like my own before and my during….this is how I will look at your session, it is how you will see me at the Superstore and how my children love me and that love only sees beautiful….yes, I know I have funny eye brows and I am ok with that because this is who I am.



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  • Sheri - You look beautiful Tara! I’m glad you let me turn the camera on you.

  • Robin fraser - Love these pics of Kim 🙂

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